Over the many years of our existence, we have collected an extensive dataset about Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Hungarians, and Bulgarians. We now want to share it with the world. Learn about the groups of people that interest you, find out the size of your target group, and compare the statistics for each country. If you cannot find the group you need, contact us. We will be happy to measure the data for you individually.

Representative Population Samples

Our database consists of the following samples: 10.000 in Czechia, 3.000 in Slovakia, 2.000 in Hungary, 2.000 in Poland, and 1.000 in Bulgaria. It is representative of the internet population aged 15+ based on the following variables: age, sex, education, region, size of the place of residence, and the ABCDE classification.

Data from 13 Different Areas

Our respondents shared information about their lifestyle, finances, cars, pets, and other interesting areas. Feel free to intersect the data as you like.

Strict Standards of Online Research

We recruit new panelists through various online and offline channels. All new members are verified by phone, and e-mail verification is a standard procedure. We check the completion time during data collection to avoid speeders and straight-liners and cap the number of completed questionnaires weekly and yearly.

Country Comparisons

You can display all of the data for five different countries.


Respondent recruitment

Panelists are recruited by a wide range of online and offline channels (F2F and CATI, snowball, FB and Google Ads) to ensure diversity of sources. Over 30% of the members have been recruited offline. There are no external databases used as a source of new respondents, nor is river sampling.

Identity Validation

  • Double opt-in email verification
  • Telephonic interview upon registration
  • Other quality measures

  • Monitoring number of completed surveys per respondent (to prevent respondents' professionalizing)
  • Respondents´ profile information checked against survey answers for consistency
  • Regular checks for speeding, straight lining
  • Freshness of data

    In order To keep all the information up to date, we require all respondents to update their personal information every 6 months and prompt them to update profiling information every 9 months. After 12 months of inactivity, the respondent is considered passive and unusable and stops receiving invitations to research.

    Comparison of groups in CENDA

    Each characteristic is compared with the general (online) population. Blue colour of the rings signals that the selected group is statistically larger than the standard population, orange would mean the group is significantly smaller and black would mean that the group does not differ from the rest of the population on a statistically significant level.

    Size of databases

  • Czech Rep.: 10 000 (60 000 active panelists)
  • Slovakia: 3 000 (25 000 active panelists)
  • Poland: 2 000 (30 000 active panelists)
  • Hungary: 2 000 (30 000 active panelists)
  • Bulgaria: 1 000 (15 000 active panelists)
  • Quota variables

  • CZ, SK: interlocked gender and age, interlocked gender and education, non-interlocked: region, residence size, ABCDE classification
  • PL, HU, BG: interlocked gender and age, non-interlocked: education, region, residence size
  • Industry quality standards

  • SIMAR: https://simar.cz/assets/media/files/standardy/Standard_02.pdf
  • ESOMAR: https://esomar.org/uploads/attachments/ckqtawvjq00uukdtrhst5sk9u-iccesomar-international-code-english.pdf
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