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Intuitive population data viewer

Explore the profile of the groups you are interested in, find out the size of your target group, compare countries.


What is CENDA?

CENDA is an interactive online tool for visualizing data collected on the largest sample of respondents in the Central Europe (over 20,000 respondents).

  • Precise data on 1476 groups from the population
  • Detailed comparison of behavior, preferences and properties
  • Quick comparison of 5 countries
  • Save your favorite groups
  • Data come from the largest panel of respondents in the Central Europe

What is CENDA for?

Focus on the right people and their needs

Don't guess the characteristics of the target groups and target people who have a great chance of becoming your customers. This will save you not only money, but also time and nerves.

Focus not only on the right people, but also on their current needs. If you sell drugs, do not offer joint nutrition, but allergy pills.

Speed up decision making and reduce risk

Speed is often more important than being absolutely right every time.

Make faster informed decisions based on solid data. You will reduce the risk of bad decisions and thus speed up the approval of your business ideas.

Outperform your competition

As Seth Godin says, "The winner is the one who makes the most mistakes and survives." That is the principle of evolution.

You won't beat the competition by copying it. But by inventing an advantage that will replicate badly. Or that you will innovate quickly. Ideally both. Based on our data.

Try to find your target group:

Data from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria

Compare the behavior of Czechs with others. Find differences in opinions, preferences and behavior.

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