About the Respondent Panel

This project was created under the auspices of European National Panels, s.r.o, a subsidiary of three research agencies based in Czechia (Nielsen Admosphere, NMS Market Research, and STEM/MARK).

The Largest in Central Europe

European National Panels operates two of the largest research panels in Czechia and Slovakia and panels in Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. The panels' vision is to collect good quality data quickly and effectively. Over the years, the respondent bases have grown to 60.000 in Czechia, 25.000 in Slovakia, 30.000 in Hungary, 30.000 in Poland, and 15.000 in Bulgaria.

Online Respondent Community Anyone Can Join

All Czech residents aged 15 and above are welcome to join the panel. Members join on a voluntary basis and receive a reward for each completed questionnaire that they can either convert to money, dedicate to charitable projects, or they can select a material reward from our catalog.

Interesting Questionnaires

Our respondents fill in questionnaires about a wide range of societal topics and thus, influence the state of social affairs in their country with their feedback.

Privacy Policy

Our respondents' privacy is a priority for us. All the information they provide is anonymized, and we do not share any personal details without their explicit consent with third parties.

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